Love Shanghai not a sophisticated search engine

at the same time Shanghai dragon should pay attention to the customer experience and search results

love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon, many people love Shanghai in the exclusion of Shanghai dragon, in fact, love Shanghai last year.

when necessary love Shanghai do not know how to choose, let oneself really think

spider is not sufficient, we open the web log you will find Google and love Shanghai more than the number of spiders in the 10:1, in addition to exclude Google global site, love Shanghai visit spider or lack of diligence, a lot of the time server to see the open is dozens of Google spiders keep grab, but love of spiders in Shanghai just a few times, so the server is not stable or is the revision of the site brings fear, because once the big spider must modify the site, love Shanghai to react, then disappeared in the face is the ranking of search results, the fastest two or three days to recover, then slow to a month to make up for the time. When the server breaks down, repair maintenance data for more than 3 hours, will face a recovery period of three months (you might say, we have to modify the site after upload can be avoided, we often do, but when the accident forced to modify the search engine to find hope. ).

love Shanghai lack of analysis ability of procedures in the search, the Google website ranking is very regular, let people love Shanghai but sincerely convinced, ranking unless very popular vocabulary and general vocabulary ranking is not satisfactory. There is an absolute advantage mainly in Google in the chain of awareness, love can only be found in Shanghai one or two stations outside the chain in the update, resulting in a lot of the same chain website ranking is not ideal. As for the attitude of the original love, Shanghai know the content of the original domestic China to less, included acquisition or copy site (Google also included a collection site, but the processing ability of Google than love Shanghai, love Shanghai strong) does not pay attention to the original, original content in love in Shanghai will also ranks well, but the procedure bug, let a lot of let visitors see cannot read the "pseudo original" ranking superior, the chain is not sufficient in three or four original always wandering. This makes a lot of hard to write the webmaster with cheating in mind, such as often open the page will jump out of "XX station group test site, now jump to XX", one is not in place of garbage sites and this is the reason why love Shanghai Engineer in judge the jump do, then hurt a lot of experience in the search. Most of the search difficult situation, we choose Google will immediately find the answer.

for visitors

web pages too few resources

database update processing ability in

database snapshot, this problem may involve many problems all a hideous mess of this piece, the database covers the processing ability of the love of Shanghai, in the snapshot often appear "you visit the page does not exist" prompt, which means love Shanghai in the existing site archived on defects, even grab defects.

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