How to design the store site in the mobile internet terminal

because the mobile phone screen is relatively small, and each kind of mobile phone screen size is not consistent, so the design of the store site must have certain website page adaptability, can correctly display in different screen resolutions, but not garbled, this is the first step to store website design. Here is a concrete analysis of store website design strategy in the mobile terminal.

also stores the contents, such as a clothing you sell, you need to involve these clothing aspects, and these contents have certain effectiveness, you can’t be some years ago introduced to release, this will seriously affect the user experience of reading. Also, the user will have on your website question, let the store website to build mobile internet terminal groups of fans, so to enhance the site’s sales volume will become extremely difficult.

first, the design strategy of content. Because Internet users in the mobile internet terminal is the use of fragmented time to the Internet, so they cannot love a long and minute statement content, that is to say, store the content on the website must be designed and brief, readable and attractive. This will enable users to spend more time in the store on the site. In addition to these content as much as possible to reduce the amount of the picture, this is because the picture a larger flow, on the other hand will affect the content of the show if the user traffic is spent many, the natural causes of their resentment, after all our traffic charges are quite expensive.

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in recent years, the development of mobile Internet fast, more and more users use the mobile phone in love the Internet, and mobile Internet users which is also an important characteristic is that time has fragmented, usually not concentrated in a certain period of time to the Internet, but the Internet is not fixed in free environment for example, in the bus, and boring. These users will not consciously pick up their mobile phone to the internet. So for mobile Internet users access to the Internet, and then design the store site, you need to have the corresponding, instead of the simple and traditional PC internet terminal site consistent design that should be targeted design.

second, the mobile Internet website structure optimization. We know that in the end the traditional PC Internet site architecture mostly belongs to the three layer structure, because in the traditional Internet terminal, user access time will be very adequate, so the website architecture slightly more layer does not affect the user experience. But if the mobile terminal is also using the three layer architecture of the site, it will make a lot of users lose interest in further browsing. Because the mobile internet terminal, "the screen itself is relatively small, the user opens the content is relatively cumbersome, if you use three layers structure, from the home page to column page, and then to the content page, it will make a lot of users lose patience, and then choose to leave. For sale store sites, more need to avoid these problems.

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