In 2012 for some summary love Shanghai adjustment algorithm

After We first consider the

recently, often focus on medical website friends may find such a phenomenon two.

love Shanghai uninterrupted in 2012 in the first half of the large-scale adjustment, until now also occasionally will look at the whole face of minor upgrade, love Shanghai algorithm constantly improve, so many webmaster friends also gave up the website optimization in this industry, the typical industries such as health care, QQ, movies, novels are very a serious blow, you also believe is obvious to people, and now many K sites are still not recovered, then for a few months this love Shanghai algorithm constantly adjust, Xiaobian also and many webmaster friends have been actively summary.

2, there are some websites that are not on the site had Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the chain, and the site of the anti chain is very small, only a few articles updated every day, the station outside the station optimization are done, and after love Shanghai this several times of adjustment, not only is not K be right down, many of the rankings also soared, in this case, gave some enlightenment to small.

officially listed in the 360 search engines, and continue to love Shanghai for the user, at this time if you don’t want to lose his love for Shanghai users, the only way is to adjust, upgrade algorithm, their search engine more perfect and upgrade in the original strategy. For example, in the love of Shanghai upgrade algorithm, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform also issued a corresponding announcement, such as the well-known websites selling links warning, garbage disposal and the website of the announcement, I believe you have seen, Xiao Bian here is not in the summary. In fact, we only need to know how to love Shanghai, does not have the website ranking. So we have no reason to love the webmaster is because of the adjustment of Shanghai to give up the industry, do not blindly pay attention to every love Shanghai today is not his own website to put out, but hard to do their own website, the only way to love back, if every day to pay more attention to the problem. In fact, you have fallen into the pit inside the.

Medical website

, what is the search engine love Shanghai most of the attention, I believe that many owners with small series, would not think that is the user experience. Enlightenment is indeed the case, many user experience good site weight, usually search engine will give the site better ranking, which bring a lot of traffic, so it will be a webmaster circle that is "optimization of the true saying, is the best natural ranking, believe that through it several Adjustments >

for more than 1, almost 60% of all in Shanghai and have sex, the effect is very good, which also contains a number of news websites, are using the same method, especially when the medical site in the search engine promotion, still sitting on each tour PPC, so there are a lot of consumer groups are through this form click here, although this method is burn, but the effect is quite good.

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