Mobile search competition UC to go the road at Shanghai share love 360

UC in the mobile search strategy on the copy of the 2012 launch 360 search path. The year 360 is based on the browser launched 360 search, gradually replace the default search engine, just released a few days to get 10% market share, which gave Yu Yongfu a lot of confidence.

what love is not the weak search challenges Shanghai entrepreneurs challenge industry giant story, the background is not simple. In April this year, UC announced a joint venture with the Alibaba, released.

, UC issued a statement accusing Shanghai of love suspected monopoly against what search, or Yu Yongfu accused Shanghai high-profile love to suppress opponents, love Shanghai always calmly, no 360 strong reactions involved in the search of the.

a search industry pointed out that the so-called UC 20% permeability is not 20% of the market share, what the actual search share or only 5%.

UC as chairman Yu Yongfu (micro-blog) (Tencent technology plan)

Sogou CEO Wang Xiaochuan to congratulate Yu Yongfu on micro-blog also pointed out that within a week of use UC three rocket mode, what drives through the browser search, access to nearly 5% mobile web search share, more than 360, in Shanghai, after a love Sogou third.

But whether it is

UC chairman Yu Yongfu yesterday in the global mobile internet conference speakers accused Shanghai high-profile love to suppress opponents, said in Shanghai distribution system in love: love Shanghai, 91 search market, search for "UC browser" precise words suddenly disappear, this is a fatal blow to what.

in Yu Yongfu, Shanghai in the past love is synonymous with the PC search, but love Shanghai brand will not become synonymous with mobile search. Whether it is love or what Shanghai search in the era of mobile search are accounted for in the same starting line, this is a great opportunity for UC.

what search absorb Ali and 360 search resources

[Abstract] but in fact, not all UC switch into what search. On the one hand in the search field love Shanghai is a strong brand, from the user experience to UC must keep love Shanghai search function, as long as, many people will still love Shanghai as a major search engine.

Tencent of science and technology Lei Jianping reported in May 6th

"love Shanghai mobile search into the reaction of UC intense far beyond our expectations." Yu Yongfu said, expect everyone to be able to maintain the basic moral and conventions. Yu Yongfu also said: the first quarter of 2014, extremely elegant and valuable, what search in the whole Chinese user penetration has exceeded 20%, because the UC browser in the market share of more than 50% China.

can not become the "lovers" may become "the enemy". UC Shanghai and love the two former gossip object with the recent new friction. With the Alibaba and UC jointly launched the "what" mobile search, mobile search market calm is showing a chaotic situation.

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