Webmaster why the recent Shanghai love heart cable included changes

6.27 evening around 21 occurred in the so-called love Shanghai included changes in the situation, these two days on this statement at that time I also want to emerge in an endless stream, Admin5 call two voice, but may have some mature pause to think about this one reason. Therefore, I inspire the following conjecture, we welcome more exchanges have different views… Well… The recent love Shanghai included large fluctuations, the station has been affected, the original station included a 09 year increase, but by some outrageous, original station page for a total of more than 300 pages, included actually increased to 700.

second, I observed, now is not the "site: URL" is that the exact number included, ready to say: site web site is not so accurate, love Shanghai in the years after the technology innovation, has gradually formed a high intelligent search, information integration, the traditional database is not a single index. So, I guess. Site: just a considerable reference value, not so precise. Share — Based on the second point, we can draw the following conclusions: the love of Shanghai included large fluctuations, in fact there is no real webmaster "page included lost, but there is a page in love database in Shanghai. This adjustment is based on 1. reasons: love Shanghai’s technology development. 2. for now search engine rivals. 3. in order to improve the quality of search.

first love, Shanghai is bound to have a large number of information database, and the database according to the information categories, this update may be a certain period of time, or a database of information classification problems. As for why the problem is likely to be the love that Shanghai nobility baby will do the PR update adjustment… But this is not a love for Shanghai is a problem that remains to be discovered.

third, as an Internet addict, always pay attention to love Shanghai news. Love Shanghai as a domestic first-class technology Internet Co has been in continuous innovation and development of technology, is constantly in order to better meet the needs of the development of visitors search. Then review these ten years, love Shanghai really in the development, the search results are more accurate. Inadvertently think of love Shanghai CEO Robin Li in August 18, 2009 "love Shanghai technology innovation conference proposed" box computing technology philosophy, I think in the past two years, Shanghai will definitely love "Box Computing" from the concept to the reality of efforts to struggle. So, the love of Shanghai included a big update, may be more or less will involve the impact of this.

and another web page full more than 5000 pages, originally included in 2200, this time included fluctuations, included 269 pages left. I do stand for two years, has been careful to do not have too much to do station, station failure. Then after thinking, analysis of the love of Shanghai there are three possibilities included large fluctuations:

Summary: the love >

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