Lenovo three major business income decline, Liu Jun’s return can revive performanceAlice free accomm

although realized losses, but the overall performance of Lenovo is not optimistic. The group’s annual revenue was $43 billion, down 4% from a year earlier. Behind this, Lenovo’s three major businesses are reducing revenue. Personal computer and smart device business revenue fell 2% to $30 billion 76 million. Revenues from mobile services fell 10% to $7 billion 707 million. Data center business revenue fell 11% to $4 billion 69 million.

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we reported before ", a girl 14 days across the United States did not spend a penny," this story, let micro-blog very many readers envy envy hate. Each of us has a hidden by our dreams, but sometimes due to cash strapped had to stay at home, sometimes I wish to go out to play without money is good, but is it possible? Couchsurfing told you: May, mentioned in the story is an example. And for those who don’t want to go out, can they find friends at home? Yes, Couchsurfing offers you the opportunity.

recently, Couchsurfing acquired by General Catalyst Menlo Ventures Benchmark, the lead investor, Capital Omidyar and Network. with the investment of $15 million investment, plus before financing, the total financing they have totaled $22 million 600 thousand.

data show that Lenovo with a loss in 2015, Lenovo once again into an eventful year. This time, Lenovo is regarded as the foundation of the PC business challenge, at the same time had been high hopes for the mobile phone business is still lackluster. These trends have been revealed more than a month ago.

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Lenovo once again into an eventful year. For the first time in four years, Lenovo lost its PC global boss for the first time, while its smartphone business is not improving.

in April 12th, IDC released data, the first quarter of 2017, HP PC shipments of 13 million 140 thousand units, Lenovo shipments of 12 million 320 thousand units; HP’s global market share of 21.8%, Lenovo 20.4%; HP PC market share of more than Lenovo, ranked first. Since 2>

behind the decline in business revenue, Lenovo’s two major business sales are also declining. Its PC sales last year fell 1% to 55 million 700 thousand units. Personal and tablet PCs totaled 66 million 600 thousand, with market share down 8%. Lenovo did not give smartphone sales data, said only 22% year-on-year decline, the market share fell 1.1 percentage points to 3.5%.

May 25, 2017, Lenovo Group released 2016/2017 fiscal year results, the annual profit before tax amounted to $490 million, the company’s equity holders should account for $535 million profit. Prior to Lenovo’s net loss of $128 million in fiscal year 2015/2016.


The girl said

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Lenovo lost profitability in 2016, but Lenovo’s overall performance is not optimistic. The revenues of the group’s three major businesses are on the decrease.

Lenovo must be a little faster, a thousand li a day of the Internet era, there is not much time for it, "in May 25th, a former Lenovo executives told the Beijing News reporter. Lenovo has experienced a lot of ups and downs, in early 2009, Lenovo acquisition of IBM PC business, due to poor integration has caused huge losses, the original CEO Amelio stepped down, Liu Chuanzhi returned to Lenovo chairman, Yang Yuanqing CEO. This time, Lenovo’s flagship PC and mobile phone two major businesses have failed. At the same time, its frequent high-level changes and shocks, Yang Yuanqing recalled two years ago to leave veteran Liu Jun, once the "fire captain" Chen Xudong announced his departure. Lenovo is anxiously looking for a way out.

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