Your article was plagiarism do real big move to


for a long time, the original has been copied, ranking is beyond is a common problem in the webmaster circle, who call you weight is not high enough? Hard work, only to do the wedding dress for others! But by 2016, you no longer need to worry about this problem: love Shanghai Mars, really to protect your original blood. The original name is

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so what kind of articles can be regarded as the original? Like the "iPhone" system, this is the one and only they, "Android" can not be said to be original, it was performed numerous "adaptation", who dare to say now "Android" is his original out what is? Original? Like the author in writing this article, it is from 0 to some, a word word written, which runs through the logical thinking and structure.


what kind of article is the original

field is fixed and required, indicating that the current page type with the type of work



authorship field required to do display on the page, if the article was co written by multiple authors, add a line of code authorship (love >

there are a lot of people say: I put a few articles together, cou cou, so is the original: in fact, the original can only be said to be pseudo original! Because each character, not you want to come out, not your keystrokes out, this is a no thought of the.

love Shanghai?

how to identify the original article


before the Shanghai dragon diagnosis, I always think: love Shanghai push can be very good to protect the original, because in any case, as long as you love Shanghai push, the spider will be the first time the new content found in love, so Shanghai push is on the one hand, there is no installation of webmaster, can to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform view


in OG protocol ?


in the past, many of the so-called "original tools" in the Internet, to the "processing" of the article, said this is the original, resulting in the thought, this can really be said to be "original", but no worse than the original, but the flow of the text, will seriously affect the user the understanding of the information itself, like spiders can be identified, it is always held against the attitude of


on the other hand, the correct label also needs to be added to the web page, convenient to identify spiders better:

is the earliest release time, the standard format should be "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+ time" to the Beijing time zone is China.

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