Love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience

this year love Shanghai algorithm has been updated, has ruled out some garbage sites and content, the purpose is to the user experience, today I love Shanghai point into products Daquan, see the second public test platform is in love with the sea, point into the as do the task, in which there is a feeling Shanghai Dragon and relationship is very large, we look at the picture below section.

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in my opinion, Shanghai dragon is not just a keyword ranking, only know the principle of which is far from enough, more is the user experience to the development is the hard truth, so stick to the original, my principle. This article from the original 贵族宝贝 station, please indicate the source, thank you

a few days Scindapsus love algorithm in Shanghai some time ago launched before finally tasted, a website just took over, when the chain more than 800, just a few days ago the chain dropped to more than 200, but the ranking does not decrease, thus garbage connection on the site isn’t what role. The company is a website for more than a year, the flow of every day is 4 and 500, the main keywords are also in the first two position, when the network just go only a programmer and an editor, they just know about Shanghai Longfeng, do not understand the details, then I looked and found not only is the main keywords ranking, there is more long tail keywords love Shanghai index, many are ranked on the first page, then know the original edit every day to write articles are original, and articles are written The main keywords, I read the above article is better than many similar articles online attractive.

is one of the Internet to quickly provide high-quality news and information for people convenient platform, N years ago, the emergence of the search engine is in order to achieve this goal, to let people know that you want to find more accurate information, but with the development of the Internet in recent years, more and more garbage information online, many Shanghai dragon in order to achieve the purpose of the rankings that search engines use unscrupulous divisive tactics, also very difficult.

In addition to the

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I want to say this is not just a simple test, is more of a test keyword ranking algorithm, imagine ordinary names can tell, of course the test subject are very common names, not celebrities that love Shanghai as the user experience in the algorithm is to spend a lot of thought.

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