Case analysis good rankings included and user but not active forum how to solve

Chinaz can see, in addition to sites included and the chain is not satisfactory, other data are good, can be regarded as a qualified website. Although the website data is generally very good, every day there are hundreds of registered users, but is unable to attract the user posts in the forum, interact, not to make the forum to attract users – allowing users to identify – improve the activity effect, this problem often need to check the relevant situation in the station.

Enter the


as a web analyst need more in-depth forum in the face of the problem, according to actual situation analysis on the FOB5 forum, such as posting data, FOB5 foreign trade forums every day the number of registered users, set up plate, plate of the most active, while the FOB5 foreign trade forum made a preliminary understanding, and comparing the amount of post competition opponents of the discussion, the most popular plate and so on, in order to know the FOB5 foreign trade forum how to adjust the future work in order to better achieve the purpose of active users in the forum to enhance.

Shanghai dragon tool

with more and more people into the field of foreign trade, foreign trade forum continue to rise, but can do to attract users, few retain users of foreign trade forum. There are several famous Shanghai Forum Forum, Shenzhen foreign trade forum, the website the daily activity was very high. But in the foreign trade forum also has the keyword ranking is quite good, but the popularity of the forum, interactive activity is very "low-key", like a girl like the boudoir beauty, but is not known to outsiders. This forum is a bit have the order reversed.

for foreign trade forum in search of these sites, love Shanghai, see the fob5 foreign trade forum of this website, is a typical analysis, keyword ranking good popularity is very poor. The main data analysis tools below:

FOB5 foreign trade forum post from the data analysis, first of all, I find it’s so hard to support several moderators, so to see the screenshot before the forum included only more than 2500 points will not feel strange, but there are also many webmaster procurement information released to attract users, for the foreign trade group, an important basis for purchasing information is the customer development. The performance, characteristics, release product information with product data, display the basic > customers purchasing products

is a popular forum at the core of a forum, even if the ranking is not good, but every day there are tens of thousands of people interact in the forum, you can from the side that the activity of this forum is very high, also said that the forum is in line with the user experience and the members with strong viscosity also, popularity is the lifeblood of the forum the website, through the construction of forum to attract users, culture forum activity, enhance user loyalty, get the user’s identity is the eternal theme of the forum for operation.

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