Xining city vehicle administration to implement the ten measures to implement a window service

Xining city vehicle management to implement the traffic management services to the masses of the ten measures, the implementation of a window service.

Ministry of public security traffic management services to the masses of the ten measures will be implemented in July 1st. To this end, Xining city vehicle management according to the existing conditions and service facilities re integration of resources to enhance the vehicle business management level, from July 1st onwards, Xining city vehicle administration can handle all business acceptance window of vehicle and driver business at the same time, in conjunction with the 6 medical institutions based on mutual information transmission network driver examination, the masses do not have to go to the DMV to submit proof. read more

Strengthening and improving the work of Township People’s Congress in Huangyuan

in order to further strengthen and improve the township party committee leadership over the work of the NPC, play the functions of grass-roots local organs of state power, combined with the implementation of the party’s eighteen and eighteen sessions of the third and fourth plenary session of the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, the day before, "the CPC Huangyuan County Committee on Further Strengthening and improving the work of Township People’s Congress opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions") issued to the Township People’s Congress to play the role of clear responsibilities, which laid a foundation. read more

The province has basically completed the provincial government department of administrative examinat

recently, "the Qinghai provincial government departments to cancel the administrative examination and approval service matters intermediary directory" (66) and the "Qinghai provincial government departments administrative approval intermediary service matters list" (95) officially announced that it will further eliminate the "red intermediary", the release of the bonus reform of administrative examination and approval system, and lay a solid foundation for the transformation, promoting the government the function of deepening the reform of the administrative examination and approval system. read more

Xining held a non-public enterprise party building two coverage pilot demonstration

Xining city and North City of non-public enterprises party building "two cover" pilot demonstration will be held recently, to further explore how to effectively promote the "two coverage", give full play to the party organization of non-public enterprises, to further accelerate the non-public economy and rapid development.

it is reported that, in recent years, since the three counties of Xining city and district four non-public economic organizations of the Party committee set up in the strong guidance of Party committees and governments at all levels, continuous innovation, strengthening measures, perfect mechanism, rich carrier, and promote the non-public enterprises party building work, the leadership system gradually perfect, the two coverage (i.e. there are members of the non-public enterprises Party organizations to achieve coverage of non-public enterprises party members of the party’s work did not achieve full coverage) continues to expand, team quality improved significantly, effectively play the role of tangible, continue to strengthen security work, and achieved remarkable results. At the end of October, the city’s non-public enterprises has reached 11609, the registered capital of 27 billion 122 million yuan, up to 351 thousand employees, set up party organizations in non-public economic organizations of 559, a total of 6097 members of the Communist party. On the basis of the original 246 party building instructor, this year, to the 71 non-public enterprises assigned to the work of the 96 party instructors. read more

Xining ahead of the completion of the census data processing

According to the "sixth national census data processing work program" requirements, Xining city general office data processing group early planning, careful organization, and actively take effective measures, innovative ideas, has been fully completed ahead of the census data processing work

"according to the sixth national census data processing work program" requirements, Xining city general office data processing group early planning, careful organization, and actively take effective measures, innovative ideas, has been fully completed ahead of the census data processing work. read more

Xining grid to crack down on illegal operations

in order to further deepen the city road passenger transport market supervision, improve the efficiency of transport inspection work, to effectively combat illegal operations such as the phenomenon, the recent Xining yunguanchu full implementation of the "new city road passenger transport market inspection mechanism of regional linkage, grid inspection, using grid inspection way to combat illegal trading and other illegal acts.

it is reported that the transport inspection departments will be divided into 4 Xining downtown area, 16 grid units, a set of people, posts, will be responsible, reward and punishment system "quality management system in regional grid responsible personnel responsibility mark". In addition, the implementation of grid inspection tasks, to take the city’s centralized inspection and inspection methods. From time to time by the inspection inspection points, on duty early afternoon, the evening of three period inspection, and according to the need of grid management, actively coordinating public security, traffic police, urban management and other departments, strengthen communication and coordination between departments. read more

The province’s conventional single crystal battery production conversion efficiency for the first ti

recently, the upper reaches of the Yellow River Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. in the conventional P single crystal battery technology to achieve new breakthroughs in the development of the conventional single crystal cell average conversion efficiency for the first time exceeded 20%, reaching 20.13%.

high reliability, high conversion efficiency, low cost, is the development trend of photovoltaic industry. The Yellow River Upstream Hydropower Development Co., Ltd. to make full use of existing production lines, and constantly improve product quality, reduce production costs. 9 special teams were set up at the beginning of this year to carry out research on new products and technologies of batteries and components to ensure the advanced nature of conventional products and research and development products, and further enhance the core competitiveness. The production line of conventional single crystal cell average conversion efficiency exceeded 20%, the package 60 efficient solar module specifications power up to 285 watts, can not increase in the cost of production of the additional conditions will improve more than 5 watt power components. High conversion efficiency will lead to lower cost of power plant construction and higher return on investment. read more

Seongbuk Gangcheng kindergarten food safety open day activities

in order to further improve the level of food safety management in kindergartens, to ensure the safety of children in the garden. The morning of June 14th, steel city kindergartens combined with the food safety awareness week activities, to launch the "food safety open day" special activities organized for the first time, more than 20 representatives of parents to visit, observe the kindergarten canteen food hygiene.
the kindergarten to carry out food safety city open day "activities, is a new attempt in our district kindergarten family circle co education activities open. Through the activity, not only make the parents for the supervision and understanding of the kindergarten canteen food safety work, improve between kindergarten and parents trust and understanding, but also for the region of the kindergarten to further strengthen and improve the food safety management of canteen, realize open office park, and continuously improve the level of office park has made the example. read more

The province’s secondary vocational school entrance examination does not organize

reporter learned from the provincial admissions, in 2013 the province vocational school enrollment in senior high school entrance examination will start after the end of secondary vocational school enrollment is not a separate organization entrance examination to senior high school entrance examination scores or high school grades as a basis for admission. Choose the higher vocational colleges, can go directly to the school, but also to account for the location of admissions registration, registration time is from July 10th to July 20th. Choose vocational school students volunteer to fill in the "secondary occupation school of Qinghai province registration form", and in the other school professional are subject to the deployment, the same number of schools are subject to the deployment in the column of "fill out a clear" yes "or" no ", not in" disobedience "according to. Washington (reporter boat) read more

The first time in our province to carry out the selection of chief technician

recently, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security issued "on the 2016 annual Qinghai province enterprise unit chief technician recommended the selection of work notice", for the first time in the province of all types of ownership in the enterprise, carry out business unit chief technician directly engaged in the selection of skills to work in the production line or auxiliary post a year to the staff.


business unit chief technician selection implementation expert review system, in accordance with the openness, equality, competition, merit principle, the applicant will be awarded the "Qinghai province enterprise chief engineer" honorary title, and given the high skilled personnel per capita disposable 10000 yuan of government subsidies. At the same time, in the evaluation of professional titles, the national and provincial level excellent talents of advanced model selection etc. to give priority to support the chief technician in the enterprise (units) in combination with the actual situation, give some allowance, the welfare benefits. To carry out the business unit chief technician selection work is in-depth implementation of talent strategy, promote enterprises to better play the main responsibility for cultivating talents, to further promote the construction of high skilled talents in the province, an important measure of high skilled talents flow channel selection. read more

Qinghai people’s family travel over the Spring Festival

many people choose to go to Qinghai together in the Spring Festival and Thailand sheep family ornamental chic coastline and lush forests, to preserve the integrity of the ancient Korean folk village, to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Taiwan mountain, Thailand sea beach and enjoy rich varieties of fruit, South Korea’s health food, fresh water to Taiwan the night market street sinseong hoe……
gradually increased with the level of material life, changing ideas, many Qinghai people choose to travel more fresh new year – "family", with a home for the elderly and children are to travel to different places to feel the New Year atmosphere, away from the entertainment, flying mood.

read more

Relax the conditions for the private economy open

as of the end of last year, the city’s industrial and commercial system of newly registered private enterprises 2873, individual industrial and commercial households 17335, when the number of new households grew by 33% and 30%. This year, to actively cultivate the market main body, to further improve the environment for development, encourage, support and guide more to accelerate the development of private economy, this year, the business sector will be from three aspects of the relaxation of market access conditions, to promote the city Small and micro businesses and private economic growth. read more

Xining food and drug inspection team completed in 2012 food and beverage supervision sampling inspec

Xining city food and drug inspection team commissioned by the provincial food and drug administration, in accordance with the province’s food service food safety supervision and sampling plan, completed a total of edible oil, cooked meat, mutton, tableware four kinds of sampling of 160 batches of food service food supervision and sampling inspection tasks

Xining Municipal Food and drug inspection team commissioned by the provincial food and drug administration, in accordance with the province’s food service food safety supervision and sampling plan, completed a total of edible oil, cooked meat, mutton, tableware four categories of food service food supervision and sampling of 160 batches of sample inspection tasks. read more

The fifteen session of the Standing Committee of the Xining Municipal People’s Congress held its six

August 28th to 29, the fifteen session of the Standing Committee of the sixth meeting, the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Director Zou Jiansheng, deputy director of Du Shupin, Fan Guoqing, Gao Yumei, Yang Baolin, Feng Lijun, Feng Yi, Liu De, Zhang Zhijun and members of a total of 38 people attended the meeting, meet the statutory number. Vice mayor, Municipal Public Security Bureau Liu Tianhai, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Bai Minde, the Municipal People’s Procuratorate chief procurator, the city intermediate people’s court, vice president of the Standing Committee of the people’s Congress, attended the meeting on behalf of the president of the people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the vice chairman of the Municipal People’s Government), and vice chairman of the Municipal People’s Procuratorate of the people’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to.The read more

The final showdown seven jury will gather

"I hope that all the young people love movies together, try to make a good movie, the quality should be more than us, we put this generation down, or turn into your fans. So the world will progress!" 2013 China · Xu Anhua, chairman of the jury of the FIRST Youth Film Festival in Xining, expressed his expectations for the film show.

it is understood that the Festival Organizing Committee received a total of 1004 films, these films are free and independent multiple open, although the number has declined compared with the previous film, but the overall quality is high, give a person a kind of find everything fresh and new feeling. The 60 main competition units selected for the film festival will be presented to you as the most representative and most exploratory new youth image of the year. 2013 Chinese · Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival Special Jury President Xu Anhua and members of the jury Li Pingbin, Xu Zheng, Zhang Zhiliang, Frankie Chan and reed, Betsy  Pollock  for each movie will make a comment, and encourage the young director to insist on his own artistic creation. read more

2017, the province’s industrial and information technology and state owned supervision work conferen

1 9, the province’s industrial and information technology and state owned regulatory work conference held. Provincial government attaches great importance to the reform and development of state-owned enterprises and industry. Before, acting governor Wang Jianjun made important instructions pointed out that industrial and state-owned economy is essential for the healthy and stable development of the province’s economy. Standing at a new starting point, the province’s industrial and state system to face difficult challenges, seize the opportunities for development, adhere to the overall tone of steady work, in order to supply side structural reform, in-depth implementation of the innovation driven, vigorously develop the real economy, promote entrepreneurship and artisan spirit, efforts to build a new energy to cultivate mutual promotion of benign development pattern for the to enhance and accelerate the development of traditional energy transformation, build national circular economy pilot area, for building rich civilized and harmonious new Qinghai beautiful and make new contributions. read more

Actively cultivate the power system and build a new growth pattern

Even Japan, Zhang Guangrong, Provincial Committee Dorje Geltan, Ma Shunqing, Zhang Jianmin, Wang Xiao, Zhang Ximing, Wang Yubo, Dan, Hu Changsheng, attended the five meeting of the twelve session of the NPC delegation (Group) for review, discussion around the government work report and the 13th Five-Year plan draft and delegates.

we believe that over the past year, the whole province under complex situation is difficult and challenging and more heavy task, to maintain stable and rapid economic development achievements, to achieve the "12th Five-Year" plan a successful ending, remarkable achievement, bright scene, inspiring. The current and future periods, to fully implement the new concept of "five development", closely around the province’s "131" General requirements, ningxinjuli, overcome difficulties, forge ahead in unity.

we think, in the future work, to grasp the general requirements of the 13th Five-Year plan draft, conscientiously implement the spirit of the central and provincial deployment, the development of our province in the country to the overall planning, focus on building a well-off society, goal oriented, combined with the environment and the characteristics of the present stage of development, highlighting the characteristics of Qinghai to strengthen the planning, implementation of "convergence, a series of major strategic province and major measures during the period of 13th Five-Year". To grasp the positive regulation policy tone, not only to respect the market choice, and continue to implement positive industrial policy, focus on long-term, medium-term policy cycle, I do not get off the ground to maintain strategic concentration, a blueprint drawn in the end, laying the foundation to do more work on the long term. read more

Deputy director of the Xining Transportation Bureau a few taxi health situation is disappointing

February 28th, Yu Jinyuan, deputy director of the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau in Xining and more than a dozen taxi drivers on behalf of the exchange forum, said: a small number of taxi health situation I am very disappointed!"

from February 1st to February 5th, Xining yunguanchu inspection team of law enforcement officers found in the city of Xining taxi capacity car seat cushion, seat cover, appearance change check, 322 taxi problem does not regulate the health status of more or less, 39 car is rather poor. At the same time, during the Spring Festival, 110 received a public transport vehicle because the taxi is too dirty, dirty clothes in which passengers reported. In this regard, Jinyuan said: "the government is in the taxi industry as much as possible relief costs, provide a relaxed business environment, but a few taxi capacity car appearance is not standard, which makes the government, departments and the people are very dissatisfied." Accordingly, Xining yunguanchu taxi management department according to the actual situation of the original "Xining taxi management regulations" in the provisions of the standard capacities appearance of the car is not elaborate, to the majority of taxi drivers soliciting opinions, plans to introduce the "Xining city taxi capacity car appearance standard". read more

Guaranteeing the overall performance appraisal

Recently, the reporter learned from the provincial Civil Affairs Department, in March 17th, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued the "issued by < in 2015 in Qinghai province; minimum living security performance evaluation index and evaluation standard of > notice", clear assessment methods and standards, the province in 2015 launched a comprehensive performance assessment work of minimum living guarantee.

the "notice" pointed out that directly linked to performance appraisal results this year will be with the provincial rural subsidies and allowances work awards complement funds allocation, assessment indicators including job security, job management, effect of 3 pieces of a total of 14 content, policy formulation, policy implementation and sub set; setting sub reduction for violation of discipline and buck passing, further clarify the evaluation standards and contents. At the same time, the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of Finance asked all localities to strictly according to the assessment methods and assessment standards, speed up the organization to carry out self rating, by the end of April the self-assessment results reported to the provincial Civil Affairs Department, the Provincial Department of finance. read more