Entrepreneurship can not rely on a fever

a lot of people doing things, often do not think too much, just by virtue of their whims, then put into action, often will suffer heavy losses, especially in business, the more can not is the idea of the moment, if you don’t believe me, let me see small series analysis for you!

Zhao Yongchun "let me put in more than 60 thousand, the project took the money!" "I want to work in water purification project, can not well address!"…… Tiexi Xinghua South Street, a number of laid-off workers talking about the hardships of entrepreneurship, mutual grievances. read more

Qinghai province entrepreneurship for college graduates accounted for 7.72%

employment rate of college graduates has always been the focus of attention at all levels of government, the government will register each year. And in December 27th, a reporter from the Qinghai provincial human resources and social security department was informed that, as of November 30th, the province’s public employment service agencies and personnel registered a total of 14389 college graduates employment registration, 12751 people, the overall employment rate of 88.62%.

Qinghai college graduates employment have gone? Qinghai Provincial Department of human resources and social statistics, non-public enterprises to absorb, flexible employment, recruiting institutions, grassroots services recruitment and independent business accounting for a large, which attract non-public enterprises accounted for 26.48%, the number of recruiting institutions accounted for 14.12% of the number of independent entrepreneurs also accounted for 7.72%. read more

Dehua County on the reporting of secondary vocational school graduates subsidies notice

policy to help college students to start a business is a certain condition, only in-depth understanding of the policy in order to ensure their own interests. The following is about the Dehua county human resources and Social Security Bureau, Dehua County Finance Bureau, the Communist Youth League Dehua County Committee, on the reporting of secondary vocational school graduates entrepreneurship subsidies notice, let’s look at it!

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Bazhong home business can be free to start business incubator

home entrepreneurs are facing a major problem is the home of the basic public service platform is not perfect, resulting in entrepreneurial inconvenience. Bazhong established a number of business incubator for this problem, improve the entrepreneurial support services, environmental advantages, support entrepreneurs to return home entrepreneurship.

11 26, the reporter arrived at the Bazhong open area of confidence in Business Incubator Park, to see the park basically completed the renovation, has been accepted entrepreneurs settled. Come to our park venture, the first year rent free, second years free of charge, free of charge for third years, 50%." Believe that the relevant person in charge of business incubator. As of now, Bazhong completed a total of 6 incubators, the next year, will be in the District of Bazhou, Nanjiang county and other places to build at least 4. read more

A truly rich model

investment to choose the project started by the interest, keep up with market demand, good experience from the failure of the experience, and constantly follow up. Summarize the success of your project, and then do it, and you will succeed.

first no matter how much money and resources, in the absence of business experience, can get a small investment, familiar and interested in the industry to enter, the business purpose is not for profit, but to observe and learn, known as tuition period.

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Jimmy’s investment can be well let you venture easy

according to market research, children’s clothing market, has been very hot. Entrepreneurial choice to enter the children’s clothing market, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities. Why can Jimmy kids? Immature children’s clothing to join the project selection, a simple join, a successful venture!

oh Jimmy children to make money?

in recent years in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea have entered the high-profile brand children’s clothing Chinese, rapid development, is leading the new trend of children’s clothing, products, but the price is expensive, can the consumer is still in the minority, so the price become 80% public key point parents. Why can Jimmy kids in local prices and the trend of the world in a body, the most popular, the shop can stimulate the influx of countless parents, quickly occupied the contemporary tide of child high quality. read more

Four new experience of cigarette sales

how to be able to make cigarettes have a higher product sales, which is the current number of shopkeepers are thinking about the problem, of course, I am also in the process of continuous summary of some of the experience. Seven or eight years ago, I opened a grocery store in the old street of Zhongshan Torch Development zone. But in the past two years, the traditional grocery store in the new convenience stores and supermarkets under the impact of the business began to decline. As a result, I opened a smoke in the transformation of the hotel, the name of Xuan Xuan Trading Firm, the main cigarette and high-grade liquor. read more

The United States children how unpopular market unpopular project

now, choose to join the children’s clothing market is really hot, is the real business opportunities. Small beauty children’s clothing? Has been a very strong joining the project. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the United States children worry entrepreneurial projects, trustworthy!

small children’s children’s clothing in a new concept with the creation of a trend in the world of children’s clothing, children put on these clothes, who are distributed with the age of some or cute, or childlike breath. Here’s some product advantages, besides in the market has great development space in our country, the children’s clothing brand is far from reaching saturation, while the United States children trying to do a dark horse, leading the children’s clothing industry. read more

Building materials stores

home improvement building materials industry lucrative, is to make money in the industry, the building materials store is also more money. Home decoration, office decoration, office buildings, commercial buildings, government buildings and so on to cast all cannot do without the development of building materials, building materials market in recent years is very prosperous, as the foundation of hot real estate, the field of revenue is also very good, by the entrepreneur’s favor. Business building materials store location is a problem that can not be ignored, Xiaobian today to introduce you to the location of the skills. read more

Entrepreneurship is not easy to pay attention to these venture pit

as a friend or want to start a business friend, you must be able to start their own business can be smooth. However, in fact, entrepreneurship is not so simple, whether you are facing the business of the numerous links in the pit it? Want to start a business success, pay attention to these venture pit.

11 years of business a small, open bar, buy goods, send out the tide, so a few years class; also opened advertising company, PR company, sales company, network technology company. Compared to peers, really can be regarded as an entrepreneur, today, a look at his personal experience after the venture, how to count 11 years of entrepreneurship on the road encountered the five pit. read more

Oriental children’s folk art education to join the market Unlimited Business Opportunities ne

Oriental children’s art education? As we all know, the market of education has always been a very hot choice. Oriental children’s art education to join the trust, a good entrepreneurial projects. How to join the Oriental children’s art education? 2017 naive entrepreneurial good project!

Oriental children folk art education (Beijing Oriental children culture art Co. Ltd), is a professional engaged in the China national art education and training, culture, foreign exchange and promotion of comprehensive art education institutions large chain. Is also a very mature domestic development of children’s education and training brand, education and training market prospects bright. From the perspective of its brand characteristics, choose to join the Oriental children’s national art education brand market prospects are very impressive. read more

Ii Koji mobile phone ordering system how to market development space

science and technology of the new era, the small business choose to join Ii Koji mobile phone ordering system? With the rapid pace of our lives, the pressure of our lives become larger, small business choice to join the Ii Koji mobile phone ordering system project, no doubt, is a very choice of business opportunities!

Ii Koji mobile phone ordering system prospects are all walks of life are constantly doing reform and innovation to meet the needs of market development. Ii Koji phone ordering system will bring a lot of convenience for the majority of catering businesses, the majority of businesses to bring a more scientific point of view of the meal equipment. Ii Koji mobile phone ordering system also provides investors with a wealth of benefits more objective investment options, investors will be able to quickly achieve the dream. read more

Join the health and beauty business success – the best choice

can rely on the face to eat, but choose strength. Thus, the color value, in our lives, how important. So, choose to join the market of health and beauty, but also has the strength of choice, the quality of the brand to join the project, the success of entrepreneurship is also very worthy of trust!

in the yen value and health have become increasingly demanding era, people demand for beauty and health opened the market investors to join, with a desire for success, health and beauty salons have made more consumer trust, and the formation of a stable consumer group, to join the beauty health institute is now, what you read more

What the king seafood barbecue net total investment Scallop in Shell

in a large number of seafood products, scallops have been seafood lovers like a seafood product. Of course, why so popular scallops is not without reason, scallops taste delicious, nutritious, and sea cucumber, abalone par, tied for the three treasures in seafood. Roast Scallop in Shell meat delicate and smooth, but rather part of the adductor bite, add garlic, vermicelli, oil and other ingredients, baked after fusion with Scallop in Shell itself alone, how a fresh zile.

Wang is not Scallop in Shell seafood hotel, it is a roast, baked oysters Scallop in Shell and other features of the store, because of good taste in the south, has formed a certain scale, where the people are not quite understand. But the boss is very diligent, will do business, the price is not high, also launched a series of packages, packages and package more favorable point, reasonable collocation, no chaos selling shop suspected, completely rely on the taste to attract customers, a twenty hundred, shop soon in the village, it has a lot of fans. So how about joining the sea king seafood barbecue? read more

Lubricating oil ten brands list – the whole

lubricating oil can be said that the current industrial market is a very important commodity, but because of the broad market, the birth of the brand is countless. So, which brand is good? Next, let Xiaobian to introduce you to the top ten brands of lubricants, so that consumers can choose a better lubricant products.

ten brands of lubricants NO.1, Shell Shell: founded in 1907, the United Kingdom and the formation of Holland, the world’s top 500 enterprises, one of the largest operators of chemical products in Holland, Shell (China) Co., ltd.. read more

To be able to do business and shop

had set up shop in order to meet the parties to the customer, open the door is to do business, but if always with the customer, how to deal with such a business? The supermarket next door is bustling and some people quarrel. The spectators crowded the pavement. There was a scream from the crowd, and the crowd began to riot. A noisy home run, they said it hit up by telephone call 110.

doesn’t have much to do. Passers by bought a box of milk from the supermarket next door. The boss bully people look unfamiliar, give others a box there are 5 days over the shelf life of milk. Customers are careless, did not look at the shelf life to buy back. Today opened the drink, did not intend to see the two days after the shelf life. The customer came ablaze with anger for the return, the boss does not agree to a refund. The boss ridiculed others: you can afford to buy things in rural areas, where there is also a return to buy the truth. I sold it to you, but it didn’t expire." read more

Yude dry pot in details – ask to join the brand

I don’t know if you know Yude dry pot in the brand, the brand is a project to present a more popular consumer. But in the Yude dry pot is a well-known brand in delicacy are Chongqing, there are many problems for the brand to join unclear investors can look at this

asked: "join Yude dry pot house" project, about how much money to invest in


answer: you can communicate with the headquarters of our customer service staff in detail, our professional customer service staff in accordance with your situation, will provide you with personalized service, the general investment of 15-35 million can shop. read more

The car wash shop stores more worry

car wash business, has been a very good choice. The quality of venture project, a good choice for business with a small capital, entrepreneurs, is a very good choice. How about a car wash? Have the strength of a good business projects, entrepreneurship good choice.

product quality, variety, advanced service, bring consumers a higher end experience, but also further explore the huge development market. Join the car beauty good? How beautiful clean car beauty? In the product, provide clean cars car beauty, customer maintenance, modification, repair, repair, decoration, accessories and a series of excellent all-around service, a range of services to consumers, car maintenance has brought great help. Since the car clean car beauty was, these services and products are constantly improving, beautiful clean car beauty with a number of his followers, including customer including the franchisee. read more

Hook Chan Malatang won praise Investment

like spicy hot food, there will always be a lot of fans. So, the small business choose to join the hot and spicy items, is a very good choice. How greedy hook Malatang? The strength of the brand to join the project selection, worthy of our attention and choice, it is worth joining us!

hook is a greedy Malatang personalized Malatang brand, it not only taste delicious, but also features very much, it inherited the essence of Sichuan and Chongqing Malatang, developed the new era of private flavors, new flavors with a secret sauce recently developed, the various sectors of the consumer praise. In the market to win a higher popularity, the development prospects immeasurable. read more