How to reduce the loss of your restaurant

for business people, who want their stores every day business is booming, want to minimize the loss, only in this way it is possible to profit. As a successful business people, we need to master some of the shop skills. Grasp a good way to shop, in order to reduce the loss of rapid profitability. So how to reduce the loss of restaurant?

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Shop name which taboos


in the name of the time, often due to less attention to take a less appropriate name, leading to their later constantly in trouble, this is in the name of time did not notice the taboo. So the name of the name, the same name shop. If you want to have a proper name, or need to avoid the taboo. So, what are the names of the shop taboo?

shop name

meaning obscure taboo

implied meaning is too deep voice, others do not understand. As with unfamiliar words, what is good, no one knows, good moral has no meaning. read more

Jewelry store to pay attention to the five major errors

jewelry industry market is now very popular, many entrepreneurs want to join a jewelry brand shop, in fact there are many entrepreneurs who are engaged in this industry, opened a jewelry store, but the result is just passable, it is likely that they went into the jewelry store operating errors the!

jewelry store operating errors: ignore the missing site

many shop operators can not do a very good initial site investigation, blindly choose to shop shop, easily opened easily, there is no source, this is the lack of study and exercise in the jewelry store business can not be neglected in the shop location factors, good location is the half of success. read more

Is it reliable to join you on the Internet

Although the

network is a great convenience to our lives, however, the network has also become a variety of false information spread place, so many people can not trust the network to join the project. In fact, now more and more franchisees to join the project through the network to find, but for less contact with the Internet to join the business, the network to join lunch safe? In fact, the Internet is the same as the traditional offline channels, but the form is not the same.

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An analysis of the advantages of a ramen

Japanese cuisine is also known around the world, in the face of food without borders food exchange is also needed across the country. Music is a Hand-Pulled Noodle Kyushu Kagoshima famous fast food chain enterprises, according to the production of food, stores all over the world, and set up overseas branches in Southeast asia.

2006, an international music after careful exploration, very optimistic about the China of this great market potential, innovation based on the traditional taste of Kyushu, integration, unique style, developed the basic raw material is more suitable for Chinese flavored pasta, snacks, instant snacks and all kinds of products, to create a professional brand the road. read more

Entrepreneurship in the end how to do to bring more wealth

business is not easy, but it can make a person’s fate changed in a very short period of time, many people are still in business on the road continues, for the majority of entrepreneurs, is to be able to bring more wealth, earn more money. But entrepreneurship itself is not an easy thing, want to succeed in business, it is a very difficult process. Many entrepreneurs want to understand a problem, is how to do poineering work can bring more wealth, the following will take you to understand. read more

How to open a beauty salon

for us, the name represents what, it can be said that the indirect representative of our personal identity, and for the major stores, the name is equally important. The name is a code name, but the code in the current information age has played a pivotal role, a high quality of the name of the beauty salon advertising and image is undoubtedly a big help. Beauty salon name need to pay attention to what problems, how to get a high quality for their beauty salon name?

1, from the positioning of

name is actually a very prudent thing, an inappropriate name will only make a bad impression. Beauty salon to play a good name, it is necessary to locate the beauty salon. For example, if the beauty salon is relatively small, so not suitable for use in the name of "club" and "Beauty Center" and other words, because these words are the atmosphere, but the reality and beauty salons are not met, it will give people a feeling of neither fish nor fowl. read more

Home improvement building materials stores Shop tips

home improvement building materials market has a very fire business opportunities, many friends want to seek development in this market, home improvement building materials to join the project is also more concerned about. Open home improvement building materials stores, the purchase of the site can not be easily changed, because the place is not the same, it is difficult to find a similar building materials, and now Xiaobian take you to see what business skills.

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Leisure food stores to share tips

snack snacks many people love to eat, although the price is not expensive, but the demand is large, so the investment prospects are good. The demand for snack snacks is constantly increasing, many friends want to open a snack bar, so we are also interested in casual snack shop skills. The following author to introduce you to open snack snack shop tips.

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What are the names of the company taboo


said that the company would like to start a good name, there are many methods and principles, however, if you want a more appropriate name, but also some taboos need investors to understand. So, what are the names of the company taboo?

do not use


was used as polyphones, like the use of unfamiliar words will bring great inconvenience to people’s call, meaning itself is not clear. The polyphone name, name has two or more pronunciation is more easy to let a person feel at a loss. For example: Le Hai Restaurant, where the "music" has two reading, read LE, read YUE, so that people do not know what to read better pronunciation. read more

Fujian Province fifth batch of high-level innovation and entrepreneurship personnel reporting work s

Fujian is located in the eastern coast of the province, with the spirit of opening up, bringing together a number of innovative entrepreneurial talent. Recently, Fujian launched the latest batch of high-level entrepreneurial innovation talent selection activities, eligible persons can apply online.

Fujian Province, the introduction of

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Reality version of crazy stone a few cents of the gem cheated millions

a small production, low investment film "Crazy Stone" attracted the attention of the public, the box office income considerable. In real life, but also staged such a gem fraud case. Unexpected join scam, thought-provoking.

from June 18th to June 25th 8 days, Beijing City 4 to recruit franchisees gem processing industry company has escaped "evaporation" victims of hundreds of people, involving more than a dozen provinces, involving millions of dollars.

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The same name but different business

the same name, operated by the main products is almost the same, but because they are not the same, so the natural business skills by each store will be different, this is also the name of business is different, in fact, this situation often happens in the chain store.

count Hefei famous Hot pot dry pot shop, I called on the name of the shop only Chongqing Xingan pot spicy duck the characteristic shop. Hefei Chongqing Xingan pot spicy duck shop has two, two shop name is the same, only one opposite Xiaoyaojin, one in Meishan Road, two stores have been more or less to make some comparison, so there is the following result: read more

Luoyang robotics and intelligent equipment exhibition magic robot appeared

robots can only be seen on TV, and most of the time as a virtual thing in the show. Now it has become a reality, manufacturers and people’s attention. So, what are the functions of the robot? Let’s take a look at the relevant reports.

yesterday, the three day of the Luoyang robotics and intelligent equipment exhibition, opened in Luoyang Convention and Exhibition center. Exhibition attracted more than and 10 countries and regions, nearly 200 robots and intelligent equipment manufacturers exhibitors. read more

The liquor to join the project prospects of infinite good

liquor, in our lives, has been very popular choice. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very market development space choice. How about wine? Quality projects, worthy of our attention!

China wine culture is broad and profound, since ancient times there is no wine not a seat that any party catering field and all kinds of drinks, a table of essential drinks, which makes wine sales China a good market prospects. Faced with the needs of the beverage market, many investors put their eyes into the liquor to join the project. read more

A city of the old Jiahong Shen – the whole Hot pot of money

in the food and beverage industry, the hot pot has been a very popular investment projects. Because the food and beverage market is large, there are many similar brands, choose a good project has become the most concerned about the issue. No matter what Hot pot shop, the business to join, join a brand can make money is the franchisee is very concerned about the problem, the old city is joining the Jiahong Shen Hot pot can let the franchisee to make money, the following Xiaobian simple analysis. read more