The website robots written

, a search engine and its corresponding User-Agent

Netscape noble baby bot

so, what are the current search engine and its corresponding User-Agent? Here, I list some, for reference.

noble aristocracy

AltaVista Scooter

Looksmart Web Pages Slurp

Yahoo Web Pages noble baby bot

Baidu Baiduspider

Robots.txt file is a file website, it is to see the search engine spiders. The search engine spider crawling we >

Iwon Slurp

two, robots

NorthernLight Gulliver

Hotbot Slurp

AOL Search Slurp

Lycos Lycos

search engine User-Agent read more

The importance of the quality of the chain website to share a er experience on Shanghai Dragon

believes that veterans should have such a cognition, the once glorious chain for the emperor of the era has passed, now the search engine ranking is not just a pile of work outside the chain. You might want to "the chain for emperor era is over, then we also send the chain?". In fact, we can go back to the origin, from the new thinking about the nature of the chain. At first we do the chain is to introduce? Weight, increase external links, the nature of the work basically no change, but as I thought we should have a higher animal, but mechanical work let us forget the instinct of human nature. read more

After the web page was K, the webmaster how to quickly restore ranking

said the website optimization needs to go in front of the search engine, but it is undeniable that we have been behind the death defying chase, but also can be found, we don’t know what to do when the site will be K, because Shanghai dragon is really a very difficult thing, of course, also some people feel Shanghai dragon very simple, it’s easy to say, but if I tell you again, you will have a website optimization to love Shanghai home? I don’t think so, everything is not so simple! So this is to talk about the website home page is k, how fast recovery read more

A5 marketing qualified Shanghai dragon every day what needs to be done


diagnosis of Shanghai Longfeng here (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon /zhenduan/) when, always find site there are "old problem" but there has been no treatment, what is the problem? The problem included every kind of wonderful.

B, view the site key word at the same time, don’t forget to check the "entry number" is lost or increased, if a site do well, then the amount of entries is certainly a rising trend.

D, a day before the LOG view the site log, whether there is such as: 404 capture, and whether there is acquisition or malicious attacks and other issues. read more

Love the sea will push the high quality website user needs mining tools

CCTV news network, xinhuanet贵族宝贝, people贵族宝贝.cn, shell, Tencent, twenty-first Century economic report, international online, Sina, Sohu, NetEase, financial network, Global Entrepreneur, life magazine, ifeng贵族宝贝, global network, chinanews贵族宝贝, Caixin, 36 krypton.

Lee said, most sites do not understand the real needs of users, interest and other hot spots, like Shanghai Webmaster Platform will launch query batch query tool and co-occurrence demand query tool, will help enhance the website content and website flow in horizontal and vertical. The tool is a feature of tool Webmaster Platform 2013 love Shanghai, love Shanghai and Shanghai Webmaster Platform love sharing partners to give priority to the use of. read more

Who put the entrepreneur on the single plank bridgeMore than two months to do a little bit of advert

      it is a really annoying me problem.


      so just start to pick up the two passionate nature of the station, certainly not porn station, was also thought to pick up. Then it occurred to, but before then there is no way, only to maturity.

is really a lovely "plagiarism brother" and "pixel emperor"! How can everyone be attacking each other, he showed his body meat, you said, a sword ah, ah you chop. This isn’t the saliva of a critic, read more

Analysis of building materials enterprise website content and how to write programs

recently, the author has been responsible for optimization of building materials radiator enterprise website, in the process of optimization of the author is from a revised new station has been optimized to now, it also draws some experience. When I took over the radiator enterprise website, the author of the radiator and radiator heating equipment is not very understanding, so I spent half a month’s time to understand the industry and products, the former is responsible for website content and writing the program, after all enterprises new optimization is the early days of the content, only the content of the website with foot in order to pave the way for future work and foundation. I also believe that a lot of building materials enterprises responsible for website owners on the content and program is also very vague, I come so clear, following by the author with the majority of building materials enterprise owners exchange building materials enterprise website content and how to write programs. read more

Four increase the site outside the chain of experience sharing

is also a popular forum. Like Ji’nan, Qilu tribal community and mass communities are some very good forum, the forum’s weight is very high, and the character signature can be added to the site. Because of the different types of Web site so the post at the time of the release is to pay attention to skills, if not pay attention to the skills you will be harmonious while will be the title. If the site type and style of these forums is not consistent, there is also a good choice, you can choose some to grab the sofa, of course you should make sure that the landlord posts have not been included in the search engine, so as to increase your probability of the chain is included. read more

Google keyword tool services to mobile

Consider your expected success Perhaps

if you want to research the mobile search marketing, to will do the following: make your site with mobile friendly function, if it has a WAP function, and then consider launching a WAP device, to study the appropriate keywords. If your site is not WAP, then you can browse your website in the mobile browser, but to ensure that it is available or is based on the browser to provide customized services.

intelligent mobile phone and tablet is rapidly entering the American consumer market into the global consumer market, they all need to query the data plan, which means they are the beginning of Internet experience. However, in your marketing to mobile users, mobile users must take into account the different keywords to participate in the search activities outside. read more

How should we locate the Shanghai dragon

, a lot of new friends to Shanghai dragon as the only.

to write the article, look at the title is in accordance with the requirements of Shanghai dragon. For friends of the chain, see each other site fit. Remember to put pictures, plus ALT. ", remember to be static or pseudo static, best page directory.

but to check the relevant index, see the degree of competition.


can see this article friends, should all know the Shanghai dragon. Do not know can love Shanghai.

if the website ranking is not up to? A few months or a year or so, when the domain name expired will not renew. read more

Hasty start ZhengZhan optimization almost make me stumble

articles are false original, first update added 3 anchor text to keywords ranking, a two plus page links, column page links, wrote 2 papers, it doesn’t feel right, from the previous experience, just began to update with the anchor text, the sea looks like not love included, immediately corrected, back has not add anchor text, continuously updated to Thursday, every day more stable.

do these almost took 2, 3 days a week, so after this Monday, began to engage in the article and the chain.

When read more

Develop appropriate keyword advertising through the network marketing strategy

has a direct response advertising tool (MSDR), is worth to online marketing and advertising are tests to see. Open auction found different from other auction plant profit model: value profit space. This forum, showing the Taiwan network marketing advertising technology has become the international standard. There are a lot of cool, large cost of advertising. I didn’t put them down, if you go to the Mr.6 blog search should be able to find (that he is one of the hosts). BTW, I Mr.6 than the photo of the handsome. read more

As of five optimization personnel quality you must have

three: as the optimization personnel, you must have their own ideas

search engine optimization industry is currently a huge demand for the industry, but we have not found, why all the current college or have not set up this subject specialty? Because the search engine optimization is a changing industry, he relies on a search engine, search engine algorithm as a change you may before the optimization technology will be of no use. As we optimize personnel need to have the spirit of innovation, to find optimization technology constantly, constantly changing in response to the search engine. read more

According to Shanghai dragon is actually the technology, experience and contacts

Shanghai dragon is a low threshold, easy entry, promotion difficult, more difficult to make money in the industry has just started, the friends are often full of confidence, pay a lot of time every day to deal with, there is a little achievement will be regressed donghonghong, don’t put it in the eye; after two or three years of the Shanghai dragon. Although working in the industry in time is not too long, but for this relatively have a certain understanding, from the original naive naive now low-key down-to-earth, has a three hundred and sixty degree change, found a need to learn a lot of things, only through continuous training, only slowly precipitation is the essence. read more

About the black chain and the chain of mass opinion

?The website! station! !

chain group is usually also some lazy webmaster means that it is the effect, can automatically log others site registered account password, can automatically in the message and comment position or forum and leave your site! Usually the chain group, 10 minutes can be automatically login to send information to 100 or more

what is black chain

can save a lot of time on the Shanghai dragon, and the new station has many benefits, the new weights are 0 RP, just started to do not own the chain effect, exchange connection with others, and no one is willing to exchange with you! This solves the difficult situation of read more

Analysis of the causes of Shanghai ranked million anti chain but loveless Textile Institute website

has finished boast Shunde vocational and technical college website, we can judge the shortcomings of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. This site is my very love website, comfortable layout design in place, Shanghai dragon optimization. If I love Shanghai, I must give it a good Shanghai dragon ranking, but I am not. Such a near perfect site in the eyes of the user, and optimize the key is not love Shanghai artificial intervention words, why so poor rankings, let us stand in Shanghai love to look at the site. read more

For the 628 event included PR change reason analysis and suggestions

is the first love of Shanghai:

first appeared that first thought most is a rumor, do not believe the killing, but almost half the time in this statement after the announcement, PR really did not like the new, has violated the original three months with a new rule, so the webmaster began to believe, but in to believe that the port, PR >

site in the chain and the changes in the overall ranking of the main keywords no obvious change, this change may be not related to this, mainly included the algorithm to do the adjustment. read more

Love is just a kind of index of Shanghai advertising model

Shanghai index for any mention of love, believe that the webmaster is no longer strange. Love Shanghai index is used to reflect the keywords in the past 30 days the network exposure rate and user attention! Text outlines this sentence is just the love of Shanghai index. For Shanghai dragon friends, love Shanghai index is indeed beneficial to the operation of the website development. Guardian founder Zhu Weikun accidentally and the real name network marketing forum to talk about the love of Shanghai index of this topic, the chat record integrated and webmaster friends with the exchange, in order to discuss the exchange of read more

Explain how to set up the website keywords and skills

four: design the structure of a web site with keywords optimization

published online competition data keywords as follows:

(2) search is less than 1 million, representing small difficulty


have a little trick to tell you what is here, my teacher taught me. With the Intitle: core keywords, according to the number of core web search volume keywords to determine it, if that means competition, turned to do other secondary keywords, here is the province Kung Fu with the tools of analysis.

Hello, plump network mall edit again, in front of the small write a lot about web search engine to improve the flow of the article, you have given me a lot of support, reproduced a lot, thank you, Xiao Bian will continue to work hard. Below I write about how to set up the website into the line after the modified keywords and optimization techniques. Well, get down. I share the 5 points in this paper. read more

Large inner chain, the station optimization depends on what

Three, do the chain

, a small

can also go to the webmaster nets submitting, write about this website data analysis, make the article and website have certain relevance, benefits is that there will be a lot of websites reproduced on the nature, which is advocated by the love of Shanghai.

too popular keywords, compared with competitors in the domain name, age, weight, included, rankings, is down to leeward, if your competitors do, you can do the work is good, so it is difficult for you to go beyond it. Therefore, if you search for keywords in the search engines love Shanghai, found that the search results are the web page data, then it is recommended that you give up, find related keywords or long tail keywords to do. read more