Love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience

this year love Shanghai algorithm has been updated, has ruled out some garbage sites and content, the purpose is to the user experience, today I love Shanghai point into products Daquan, see the second public test platform is in love with the sea, point into the as do the task, in which there is a feeling Shanghai Dragon and relationship is very large, we look at the picture below section.

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in my opinion, Shanghai dragon is not just a keyword ranking, only know the principle of which is far from enough, more is the user experience to the development is the hard truth, so stick to the original, my principle. This article from the original 贵族宝贝 station, please indicate the source, thank you read more

Your article was plagiarism do real big move to


for a long time, the original has been copied, ranking is beyond is a common problem in the webmaster circle, who call you weight is not high enough? Hard work, only to do the wedding dress for others! But by 2016, you no longer need to worry about this problem: love Shanghai Mars, really to protect your original blood. The original name is

! !

so what kind of articles can be regarded as the original? Like the "iPhone" system, this is the one and only they, "Android" can not be said to be original, it was performed numerous "adaptation", who dare to say now "Android" is his original out what is? Original? Like the author in writing this article, it is from 0 to some, a word word written, which runs through the logical thinking and structure. read more

Lenovo three major business income decline, Liu Jun’s return can revive performanceAlice free accomm

although realized losses, but the overall performance of Lenovo is not optimistic. The group’s annual revenue was $43 billion, down 4% from a year earlier. Behind this, Lenovo’s three major businesses are reducing revenue. Personal computer and smart device business revenue fell 2% to $30 billion 76 million. Revenues from mobile services fell 10% to $7 billion 707 million. Data center business revenue fell 11% to $4 billion 69 million.

at the beginning of the article is to use the CouchSurfing community to find a place to provide free accommodation, completed 14 days did not spend a penny of travel, before it appears in the Couchsurfing this kind of website is probably the only beggars and four alms and can still do it. read more

Webmaster why the recent Shanghai love heart cable included changes

6.27 evening around 21 occurred in the so-called love Shanghai included changes in the situation, these two days on this statement at that time I also want to emerge in an endless stream, Admin5 call two voice, but may have some mature pause to think about this one reason. Therefore, I inspire the following conjecture, we welcome more exchanges have different views… Well… The recent love Shanghai included large fluctuations, the station has been affected, the original station included a 09 year increase, but by some outrageous, original station page for a total of more than 300 pages, included actually increased to 700. read more

Mobile search competition UC to go the road at Shanghai share love 360

UC in the mobile search strategy on the copy of the 2012 launch 360 search path. The year 360 is based on the browser launched 360 search, gradually replace the default search engine, just released a few days to get 10% market share, which gave Yu Yongfu a lot of confidence.

what love is not the weak search challenges Shanghai entrepreneurs challenge industry giant story, the background is not simple. In April this year, UC announced a joint venture with the Alibaba, released.

, UC issued a statement accusing Shanghai of love suspected monopoly against what search, or Yu Yongfu accused Shanghai high-profile love to suppress opponents, love Shanghai always calmly, no 360 strong reactions involved in the search of the. read more

Multitray what factors affect the Google keywords ranking


According to

What is called "

and you will find that the search results appear in the top of the content includes the following contents:

SearchMetrics, Backlinko, PowerSuite and Serped and the Shanghai dragon? Order, this article tells you 5 have an important impact on the ranking factors:

Study of

what is the Shanghai dragon?

is not found, the search results are a bit like Shanghai Longfeng lazy bag? On the first page of the search results mostly tell you what is Shanghai dragon can learn, see this one is enough. read more

How to prevent the DESTOON website website was hacked

3, the background of security

security template

Destoon web background login address is the domain name /admin.php, /admin.php files in the root directory name we can modify the login website through FTP, such as the modification of abc.php, so that we can manage through the website domain name /abc.php.

small find many themes, it was found that include/global.func.php, member/record.php these files can pass through the SQL injected access to the website backstage account and password, so in the conditions allow, can combine their own website needs these two files execute permissions to cancel. read more

In 2012 for some summary love Shanghai adjustment algorithm

After We first consider the

recently, often focus on medical website friends may find such a phenomenon two.

love Shanghai uninterrupted in 2012 in the first half of the large-scale adjustment, until now also occasionally will look at the whole face of minor upgrade, love Shanghai algorithm constantly improve, so many webmaster friends also gave up the website optimization in this industry, the typical industries such as health care, QQ, movies, novels are very a serious blow, you also believe is obvious to people, and now many K sites are still not recovered, then for a few months this love Shanghai algorithm constantly adjust, Xiaobian also and many webmaster friends have been actively summary. read more

How to design the store site in the mobile internet terminal

because the mobile phone screen is relatively small, and each kind of mobile phone screen size is not consistent, so the design of the store site must have certain website page adaptability, can correctly display in different screen resolutions, but not garbled, this is the first step to store website design. Here is a concrete analysis of store website design strategy in the mobile terminal.

also stores the contents, such as a clothing you sell, you need to involve these clothing aspects, and these contents have certain effectiveness, you can’t be some years ago introduced to release, this will seriously affect the user experience of reading. Also, the user will have on your website question, let the store website to build mobile internet terminal groups of fans, so to enhance the site’s sales volume will become extremely difficult. read more

Love Shanghai not a sophisticated search engine

at the same time Shanghai dragon should pay attention to the customer experience and search results

love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon, many people love Shanghai in the exclusion of Shanghai dragon, in fact, love Shanghai last year.

when necessary love Shanghai do not know how to choose, let oneself really think

spider is not sufficient, we open the web log you will find Google and love Shanghai more than the number of spiders in the 10:1, in addition to exclude Google global site, love Shanghai visit spider or lack of diligence, a lot of the time server to see the open is dozens of Google spiders keep grab, but love of spiders in Shanghai just a few times, so the server is not stable or is the revision of the site brings fear, because once the big spider must modify the site, love Shanghai to react, then disappeared in the face is the ranking of search results, the fastest two or three days to recover, then slow to a month to make up for the time. When the server breaks down, repair maintenance data for more than 3 hours, will face a recovery period of three months (you might say, we have to modify the site after upload can be avoided, we often do, but when the accident forced to modify the search engine to find hope. ). read more

An analysis of the 51 micro shop keywords Shanghai Dragon

shop next to introduce Shanghai dragon set goods Shanghai dragon

second: is your store 2 level domain name must be set, and the 2 level domain set the best short easy to remember the best your store name is close, you can store names English initials or abbreviations. You can set the.

but for each commodity 51 micro shop is not the same as 51 of the micro store can be included in the search engine love Shanghai, we love Shanghai search engine site:www.51weidian贵族宝贝 search input: we can see the 51 micro shop is love Shanghai search engine which included most of the page is commodity page. Since this is what we should do is to search records of goods of Shanghai Longfeng increase product exposure rate. read more

Site external connection optimization some key problems must be paid attention to in the process of


third, the extensive connection degree. Connect a wide range is mainly reflected in the global connection to let more different platforms exist on our website, the Zhouzhi voting principle, one vote for you 10 tickets must be 10 people every one vote for you trust a higher level of performance in the website is same, we should be positive in different platform to build our external relations, to connect each place all over the Internet, when >

second, the quality of the connection degree. It should be based on the first point, the connection quality is directly influenced the stability of the connection, high quality outside the general is independent blog connection, correlation links, and a little bit of writing friends can try A5 soft submission, the connection is high quality connection of higher quality and lasting stability writing, less friends only by their effort every day and in this process gradually accumulated some high quality connection platform construction, such as high quality free forum, blog, classification of information etc. are connected with resource accumulation channels, daily accumulation forever believe these connection resources in the later connection the construction will certainly give you Shirupozhu the intention is not to return. read more

Phylogenetic tree what is the logical relationship between the website ranking and articles

ranked first in various sites, and most of these rankings is quite stable, and some unexpected, but in many aspects of them, but there are still people in question, and the relationship between the website ranking

obviously this is obvious.

what reason? ?Then the

point of view, we can still see a lot of good keywords ranking website, these websites we can easily find that the correlation between the content and keywords on these sites and did not imagine so much, even some of the content of the web site is only a picture, which for now the search market so, we can still find a lot of things. read more

Depth analysis of business war

electric district after two months also is about to enter the end, however in the rankings is still fierce. Every day the update has a relatively large fluctuations, the pursuit of ranking methods is emerge in an endless stream. Has gone up, have come out. But the point is that whether it is black or white, that is not the strength of this here do not comment! For the attack caused the decline of the Shanghai dragon Er, can only say that no good for security. Everything is comprehensive, can do things in the future no danger of anything going wrong, otherwise it will leave behind some of the drawbacks of giving the opponent an opportunity. Here we look at what in this 2 months "electricity business circle" is how to spend, this is not a battle to show in front of us in what read more

Secret love Shanghai snapshot showed incomplete reason analysis

3, love Shanghai set

Henan Shanghai dragon four point hope the above can help you think of Henan, Shanghai dragon, as long as your website user experience is good, the loading speed is fast enough, the website content is also health >

4, the site code problem

1, the website space

web space is very important to choose a space open speed is somewhat influence on the website, if you open the space too slow speed suck, most likely in the local content of spiders to crawl and then leave, resulting in a snapshot of the display is not normal, may be another with the server is under the interaction of the station, you need to look the same server under the other sites are not the case, if anything is influence each other between you. So the choice of the host space is very important Oh read more

The 404 page web site is the return code error caused K case analysis

algorithm to adjust the fire for nearly two months to love Shanghai a lot of high quality website. But we still think this is just temporary adjustment to love Shanghai, believe love Shanghai will treat each station seriously, as long as we provide high quality content to be authorized users, sooner or later will restore included and achieve a better ranking.

technical details:

of this revision after the server using the new server systems, can provide greater web access capacity, but because some functions for a new server system is not familiar with the resulting configuration is completed, the input error page can normally jump 404 pages, but the return 200 status code. read more

That new Shanghai dragon plan how to locate the main keywords and target keywords

1, select the new core keywords and target keywords, we should pay attention to our choice of words and their related or can be maximum matching.

for new sites, core keywords and target keywords positioning station is many people are very difficult to choose things, Nanning Shanghai dragon I believe everyone will have some questions, how should we choose the location or new core keywords and target keywords. Now by the Nanning Shanghai dragon to share with you, your core keywords and target keywords for the new station to explain the importance of positioning. read more

The four simple optimization make your site more of the climb

site navigation is a major part of the indispensable every site. Optimization of a navigation bar on your site can not only make your users more intuitive to find information, improve the user friendly experience, but also can be very good to improve the crawling site. Due to the current search engine spiders is not very good, Ajax identification of FLASH and inframe, so in the design of the navigation bar, not only to pursue the effect of the page and the use of these techniques. One of the key factors and the crumbs can not be ignored, a reasonable breadcrumb navigation can be user or search engine spiders more depth of access to the site. read more

Shanghai Longfeng trade website optimization what secret

again, the site keywords layout, location good keywords, if the layout is not good and there are problems, when doing keyword layout, don’t put all of the optimization are focused on the home page, home page is important, but should be considered in other words in the page layout, key words of each page on the web site are not the same layout the main keywords and long tail keywords go hand in hand, this quickly

The effect of the There are many kinds of promotion methods of

finally, to stabilize the web space, and the stability of the space that is so, if there is no stable space, even if the analysis of your site keywords and keywords in place, in the reasonable layout, when your space downtime, together is the clouds, suggest to do foreign trade station using foreign host, like HostEase as a Chinese station 贵族宝贝cn.hostease贵族宝贝 host and host Chinese customer service providers, the pre-sale customer service processes do not have to worry about, another foreign host ixwebhosting has Chinese and Chinese customer service station. read more

The content of the website is still king

: I think the website is the core content, and the content is the soul of the article. And here is more soft, in another article I "the Shanghai dragon three misunderstandings and new solutions which said:" the content of the website is to forage, Shanghai dragon is a weapon. A website operator is very similar with the war, An army marches on its stomach. Before is to design a website, website planning theme, layout and planning, the content of the website, the website should put what content to attract users, to help users. Just like the fight, the food is transported in place before the war, design tactics, using what method, where lay in ambush; to chess is also very similar, every step must think how to take the next step, the same can not act with undue haste, quick. read more